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Kitten paw double glass cup

  • Lovely Kitten Paw, Sakura Decal, Double glass cup - 6oz (180ml)



    • Adorable kitten paw shape inner glass. Dedicated to all cat lovers.
    • The insulation effect of the double-walled design prevents heat transfer. Ideal for hot drinks and will not burn your fingers, and the thermal properties of this design virtually eliminates condensation on the outside glass.
    • Made of premium quality materials, this attractive hand-blown cup has been designed and manufactured for regular everyday use.
    • A perfect selection for your loved ones, friends or kids.
    • This double glass cup is made from hand blown, top-rated borosilicate glass, so the glass is stronger and has far fewer defects.
    • 6 ounces cup is perfect for a cup of coffee, espresso, tea, whisky or of course any hot and cold beverages as you like.
    • Recommend hand wash only
    • Food-grade material
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