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Dianthus means God of Flowers.

The dianthus flower's named is derived from the Greek words “dios”, which means “god,” and “anthos,” which means “flower.”

The dianthus symbolizes love and happiness as well as creativity and beauty. It represents love, purity, modesty, virtue, and joyfulness.  

We aim to create new definitions for the word:

Long Lasting, Distinct, Eco-friendly & Memorable!

Gorgeous fresh flower products are frequently used as gifts for many precious moments and occasions, such as wedding banquets, graduation ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and more. However, they do not last forever and eventually decay. 

We are here to keep them alive. 

We believe memories can be recalled by unique items. Dianthus is here to prolong these precious moments. Our products show the long-lasting tenderness of memories, by preserving the delineation of times and sweet fragrances of the moment. 

Our Products

Our Preserved Flowers

  • All products are handcrafted from preserved flowers

  • Each is special and varies in details since all products are handmade 

  • Diverse variations to your liking

  • Gifts for all occasions of great value

  • Household decoration, special occasion gifts, hand-tie flowers, wedding flowers, as well as hampers and wines

  • Tailor made orders are welcomed


Our Aroma Candles

  • Special & stylish candles in different sizes and shapes. 

  • Each is handcrafted with fragrance oil and decorations.

  • A wide range of great value candles to choose for all occasions: decoration, aromatherapy, wedding gift, etc.

  • Used to promote well-being and boost psychological and spiritual health

  • Can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, enhance concentration and productivity. 

Image by Carmen Gonzalez

What are Preserved Flowers?






100% Natural Flowers

Our preserved flowers are 100% natural, non-synthetic. They undergo a professional preservation process. This process utilizes natural organic vegetable oil that can be extracted from, for example, soy & coconut, to substitute sap & water within a flower. Therefore, our flowers can maintain their freshness, beauty and softness. The flowers will not dry out and do not require water or sunshine.

The color

Preserved flowers allow for diverse vibrant color selections, which do not exist in fresh flowers. There is no limitation on seasonal color. All colorants utilize food grade materials are safe and toxic-free.


Preserved flowers can last for 1 to 3 years, or more. Just take good care of it by using an old cosmetic brush to remove dust, keep it away from prolonged direct sunlight and do not leave it in a damp environment.

Pollen free

Preserved flowers are pollen free. Nothing can be better for a loved one with pollen allergy who loves natural flowers.

Q & A for Preserved Flowers

Why are the color fading?

This may be the result of UV rays. Avoid putting preserved flowers under direct sunlight to prevent decolorization. Also, keep them away from radiators and fireplaces. 

Why are the pedals turning transparent?

Moisture will cause the flower to decay. Keep your product away from water and humidity. A humidity level under 70% is preferred. 

There are cracks on the flowers. 

Prolonged exposure to heat may cause cracks. Keep them away from heaters and radiators. 

Can the flowers cause stains? 

Yes, since the flowers are preserved at their full bloom, natural dyes may cause transfer in color. Please avoid direct contact with walls, clothings, furnishings, and textiles. 

Should I wipe off the dust with a towel?

No, you should not touch, crush, press, or fold the foliage, petals, or flowers as it may damage the flower.  

How to clean the products? 

If you need to clean them, please use the “cool air” function of your hairdryer to GENTLY blow off any dust or sediment on top. 


Important tips

Avoid direct sunlight
Candles and flowers are only for indoor use
Do NOT water
Keep away from children
Avoid touching, crushing, pressing or folding
This product is flammable
Avoid heaters and radiators
Do not consume
Direct contacts may cause staining
Keep your product in favorable conditions for lasting effects
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